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Featuring 22 of the 350+ guests that we've interviewed so far. These are the everyday heroes who have excelled in their careers or lives by beating all the odds

TGV Inspiring Lives Volume 1

During the pandemic, Naveen & Sudhakar were exploring the possibilities of interacting with the students, like we were doing in normal times. They realized that having an opportunity to interact with the current generation using digital platforms. It would reach out to a larger audience across geographies and time zones and create a platform not only to share knowledge and have the opportunity to interact with specialists to share their experiences. They started The Guiding Voice.

It is now listed in the top 3% of motivational and inspirational podcasts.
This book is a collection of experiences shared by experts on The Guiding Voice Platform, TGV. We have also taken a few references from their social media. From hundreds of interviews on TGV, we have selected a few for this volume.

These people have excelled in their domains and have life experience which would be helpful to people at any stage of their careers. The people you would meet in this book could be the Movers and Shakers of our society; they could be Influencers or Entrepreneurs. These are the people who are inspiring us with their determination, persistence, perseverance, vision, hard work, and passion. We have captured some of the essence of their charismatic and multifaceted personalities in this book. There is a lot more than one can emulate from them. Hence, we have included a section called “Inspiring Lives” with their profiles for our readers’ ease of connecting with them.

This book also hopes to bring mentoring moments to the lives of its readers. To make referencing easier, the book is divided into four sections. These sections are focused on:

  1. Self-Development

  2. Career Growth

  3. Leadership

  4. Social Awareness & Sensitivity

Each section has chapters that would help an individual in any specific sphere of their life. This book could be read in sequence, or any chapter can be referred to in any order as per the reader’s choice or need.

Grab a copy of the paperback on Amazon.

Purchase Kindle edition here

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